Love+ Beautiful Couple= A Feast for the Eyes

The very first time I met Tiffany and Palani they both had a cold. Clearly, someone forgot to tell Tiffany that sick people should be grumpy and miserable. Her smile and positive energy were contagious. I walked out of our consultation and quickly realized my cheeks hurt- I had smiled the entire time we chatted!

It would stand to reason that she was referred to me by a Bride & Groom I had worked with before. The referring couple, Kate & Luke, are smart, funny, attractive and way too cool to be real people- they may be aliens. Here’s what they look like in case you encounter them….

EcoChic Floral Wedding Flowers

Photography by: Heather Curiel

That late August meeting at Mozart’s was where the magic you see below began…

EcoChic Floral Wedding Flowers

Photography by: Pressman Studio

Tiffany knew she wanted Bright, Colorful, Festive Wedding Flowers. I knew that I would likely drool all over them as I LOVE working with intensely colored flowers. We discussed the Sari’s her Bridal Party would wear- but my imagination could not have foreseen how brilliant and beautiful they would be!

Fun Fact: These ladies are responsible for creating their very own gorgeous Baby’s Breath Bouquets! I am only responsible for the Bridal Bouquet here. Didn’t they do a killer job?? I suppose I didn’t suck either. I’m proud to say that most of Tiffany’s Bouquet flowers are Texas grown the rest are California grown

OK, enough stalling, meet Handsome Groom already!

EcoChic Floral Wedding Flowers

Photography by: Pressman Studio

During our collaboration, I had the opportunity to make friends with my Beautiful Bride’s Mother, Joyce. This lovely woman was everything I will be when the time comes for any of my precious girls to get married. She wanted everything to be right for her daughter’s special day- and I loved her for it. When we arrived at The Austin Club to set up the reception space, Ms. Joyce was zipping around the room like a flash of light, in a cute pair of capris and a chunky wedge (just because she was busy did not mean she couldn’t be cute!). I overheard Ms. Joyce and her team making reference to streamers and wondered what the streamers could be for.

Well, then my questions were answered when I saw these images taken by Suzanne of Pressman Studio and nearly fell out of my thinking chair! That is Purrr-tyyyy!!

EcoChic Floral Wedding Flowers

EcoChic Floral Wedding Flowers

EcoChic Floral Wedding

I’m thrilled we were able to play a part in such a Beautiful Day, with Extraordinary people. Here’s wishing them many, many Happy Years, A lifetime of Love, Laughter and warm Sunny days surrounded by Texas Wildflowers under ancient trees.

EcoChic Floral Wedding FlowersLadybird Johnson Wildflower Center


If You’re Happy And You Know It!!!

Here’s my take- there are two reasons why Wedding Flowers appeal to a Floral Artist, you love wedding flowers or you are a complete psycho for a good love story. If you want a sweet triple threat, you love weddings, love flowers AND are completely out of your mind for a good Love Story!

The year was 1987, I was 10 years old. The film was The Princess Bride. He was Wesley, and she, well she of course- she was Buttercup. It was and remains my most favorite, next to The Goonies.

If you’ve seen the film, you are smiling right this very second as you remember the cast, the dialog and how happy the film made you. If you haven’t seen it- definitely a bucket list item.

Quick break down: He was a “Farm Boy” and she was a pretty girl whose family, not wealthy- but comfortable, contracted his services. Wesley was the kind, patient, handsome service provider, accommodating every whim she possessed with a simple, “As you wish.”

She, slowly, but ever so passionately fell in love with this man. Trouble beget them early on, and suddenly they were separated.

When the time came that they were able to reconcile this wrong- this man and this woman committed to full fledged Combat with any obstacle that would threaten their union.

As you can see, I really do LOVE a good love story- especially when it’s peppered with a bit of chaos and human complication.

EcoChic Floral Jenny and Jackson


Fast forward 26 years and there I sat, my three year old petting my face with her grubby little hand- while I worked. The first note I received from Jenny Blackman told me two things; this Wedding would be Gorgeous and the woman on the other end of this cyber exchange was my kind of lady. Her note was witty and offbeat, her description of her vision for the wedding florals included the words “wild and willful”, “floppy” and “nothing too precious”. Pretty, colorful, organized chaos- this would be a glorious experience!

Because I’m nosy and nothing scratches my romance itch more than hearing about how my Brides met their Beaus, I asked Jenny to tell me how she and Jackson found themselves preparing to exchange vows. Much like my favorite film, the story was funny, ironic, tender and peppered with complication.


It goes like this. She was just out of college, and attending a Pow Wow for Jr. English teachers. She was all things fashion forward and feisty in her wedges and platinum dye job. He, wore a black t-shirt embellished with a cow (apparently this was the last time young Jackson was to wear the dreaded cow shirt!). He is quite the looker, and rounds out the package by also being interesting, compassionate, funny and intelligent.

Jenny is known to have a very specific “type”. Tall, thin Jew/Italian, pale skin, dark hair and striking eyes. She jokes that 90% of her exes could be brothers based on appearance. Well, Jackson, he is the Big Brother.

They were both in relationships with other people at the time they met, but this union was in the stars.

Upon disagreeing on some point or another, they engaged in a “Jane Austen” style witty debate and subsequent banter. Nothing says romance like witty debate and banter right?!

As time passed they separated from their respective partners.

Jenny and Jackson shared their first kiss in her parents’ backyard. This kiss marked the beginning of their adventure as a team. What love story is complete without a cross country move? They packed up a Uhaul and headed east. Jackson had only visited NY once before they embarked on a journey that would land them in the big city. Not to be out done, these overachieving love birds accepted an opportunity to cross the pond and live in the UK just one month after arriving in NY. This is where things got real.

Living in the UK, taking on life and this great big world together is where the love transitioned from sweet, superficial, surface level affection to mature, compassionate, substantial love. Always the rebel, Jenny had no interest in marrying. The quintessential Independent Woman was hell bent on maintaining her very own identity- which can make for a precarious union. People in the UK often referred to Jackson as her husband. This is where Jenny first tried out the word, h-u-s-b-a-n-d.

Much to his surprise, Jenny said in no uncertain terms, that if “he wanted to, she wanted to (get married).” Jackson’s Aunt Vicki helped him find “the ring”. He held onto it for months before asking for her hand.

After 1.5 years, their time in the UK had come to an end. They were ready to get back to the states and set up shop in NY again. The winds of serendipity arranged for the same friend they stayed with in the city before to have space yet again. Soon thereafter they were all settled into their own place, the time had come.


Nurturing Jenny was offering her fella some words of encouragement about life and career via Vampire Weekend lyrics. The song, Obvious Bicycle ( , goes a little like this:

So keep that list of who to thank in mind,
And don’t forget the rich ones who were kind,
Oh, you ought to spare your face the razor,
Because no one’s gonna’ spare the time for you.
Why don’t you spare the world a traitor
Take your wager back and leave before you lose.

So listen, Oh,
(Listen, ay hey ay hey ay hey)
So listen, Oh,
(Listen, ay hey ay hey ay hey)
Don’t wait
(Don’t wait ay hey ay hey ay hey)
Don’t wait
(Don’t wait ay hey ay hey ay hey)

It was immediately apparent that Jackson took the talk as an invitation of a different sort as the look of love appeared in his eyes. Fearless Jenny was suddenly aware of the fear that was materializing inside. A brief internal battle and the summoning of all things bravery allowed her to continue her talk.

She continued, assuring Jackson- there’s no such thing as the perfect moment. At this point the line between professional pep talk and encouraging him to just ask her already had been irreparably blurred. She concluded with saying, “I prefer life, the simpler moments, the human moments.”

Jackson retrieved the box from the drawer and sat on the floor, she on the sofa. He presented the box with no accompanying words.

He eventually asked her a series of three questions, all beginning with, “Do You Want To?”

  1. Marry me?
  2. Join me for dinner tomorrow night?
  3. Spend the day together tomorrow?

The answer, to all of the above, was yes.

The Wedding was perfection, seriously, every detail was perfect. The bride was a vision in her amazing gown and fuchsia pumps. Her makeup and hair- flawless. Jackson looked as good as any magazine model groom in his charcoal suit. Together they were a sight to behold.

Jackson’s cousin Juliana, the Events Manager at The Allan House is nothing short of Freaking Ah-mazing! She and her team executed every detail with precision and grace. After working with them for the better part of the day, it was profound to enter as a guest and see the culmination of these months of collaboration.

I don’t always attend the wedding as a guest, though I’m often invited. This is one I’m forever grateful I was able to accept an invitation to. Being there, among the people who raised them, love and nurture them- family and friends, was a tender reminder of why I love weddings so much. It’s not just a day, an event, a party, a job. This is the day that two people will celebrate their love and commitment with the people who matter most to them. This day was glorious, the flowers were floppy.

EcoChic Jenny and Jackson Wedding

If you know me personally there’s no question as to whether or not I was overcome with emotion during the exchange of vows….hell I cried before a word was uttered! I danced to Prince with Jackson’s very kind father. I had amazing conversations with childhood friends, Jenny’s firecracker of a Grandmother, various cousins, aunts and other relations. When the time came for the last song to be played, I decided I should sit this one out and prepare to unload the flowers….aaaaaand then Beyonce’s Drunk Love wicked intro began…so I danced.

Thank you Jenny and Jackson for allowing me to be a part of the magic. I would wish you luck in your lives together, but what for? You have Love.

EcoChic Floral Jenny & Jackson

EcoChic Floral Bride & Groom





So, I was having a conversation recently with my brilliant videographer friend Shanna Pharis of Nostalgia Film.

We were talking one of my favorite subjects, dessert, more specifically- Wedding Cake.

As we were scrolling through some of the bangin’ images my brides post on their inspiration boards via Pinterest I casually said, “That cake is the, too bad they have those weepy ass flowers tucked inside it”. To this Shanna asked what I meant by weepy flowers- at which point I explained some of the flowers that look pretty should not touch the inside of your cake because they are poisonous, leak sap or are totally saturated with pesticides depending on your Florist’s purchasing choices.

True to form, this brilliant woman- I mean she’s smart as a whip folks- was reduced to a very simple response, “Yuck, you should definitely tell people about that.”

So here goes it.

Talk to your Florist or Cake Making Professional about HOW they choose flowers for your cake, how they prep the flowers that will penetrate you cake- and most importantly about what flowers should never be anywhere near food that the lovely Bride, Groom or Guests will consume.

Imagine drinking the water from a vase of flowers right now…no? Not so much?? Ok so Fah-Reals, please don’t let your Florist or Cake Provider stick the following flowers in your cake:


Calla Lilies


Further, this link will provide more examples of what to take precautions with:

Stems can be wrapped in saran wrap or florist tape also, but some flowers should simply be avoided- get the sugar version of it if you have to have it!!

Here’s a list of the Top 10 Edible Flowers..

Here are some lovely images of perfectly sugary yummy ones to boot! Knowledge is power right?





EcoChic Floral Academy Mischief Maker Sugar Flower

The Mischief Maker Cakes


Pastel Sugar Flowers, Sugar Flowers, Safe Cake Flowers, Cake Flowers, Nontoxic Cake Flowers

Pastel Sugar Flowers, Sugar Flowers, Safe Cake Flowers, Cake Flowers, Nontoxic Cake Flowers

Sugar Flowers EcoChic Floral

Manal Sugar Art

The Mischief Maker Sugar Flowers Pastel

The Mischief Maker Cakes

Mishief Maker Sugar Flowers EcoChic Floral Academy



Hi, my name is Alicia, and I love flowers, too!

Hi everyone,

Sympathy in Tarnished SilverAlicia here. I’m the other side of EcoChic Floral! I’d like to officially introduce myself to all of you reading this on the world wide web! I met Natasha through Texas Belles Event Planning Organization at the University of Texas, where I am a student, and a member of Texas Belles. Natasha came to speak to our group about starting her own business, striving to be environmentally friendly, local, and trying to use only sustainably certified flowers and plants in our arrangements.

If any of you have ever met Natasha, you know that she’s just one of those people that you just instantly love. She has passion, charisma, and a great deal of creative talent. After the meeting, I just went right up to her and said how much I loved her mission, her ideals, and just her in general! I offered to help her in any way I could, and we’ve been working together ever since.

Though not everyone considers where their flowers come from when ordering them, that doesn’t mean that people aren’t still exposed to things that come with those flowers. Pesticides are something most people want to avoid, especially with today’s organic trend that is popular (as it should be!) not only in Austin, but throughout the globe. Floral foam is another thing that we avoid due to the harsh nature of the chemicals used in the Floral Foam products, and their harmful side effects to both people and the environment. We try and make the goal of being environmentally aware and conscious a little more attainable by giving people the opportunity to have/give something beautiful, clean, and fresh in their home, office, at their event, or where ever you may want it. We aim to please every single one of our clients, whether you’re a bride that wants cut flowers or clean succulents, or you’re searching for a delivery piece for a friend or loved one. We’ll strive to make your designs come to life, but at the same time, we’ll do our part, and help you do your part, to make the floral industry a safe and healthy industry so that we can all feel just a little bit better and a little bit healthier.

Let me know if you have any comments, questions, concerns, statements, or exclamations! And stay tuned for future blog posts about our mission, goals, adventures and designs, and remember, GO LOCAL, Austin!

Alicia :)



Where Did It Come From??

Where did it come from? An Estate Sale, A thrift Shop. A road trip “must stop” moment at a small town Antique Shop. How much fun are flowers or a plant gifted in the candy dish of a Carnival Glass collecting Granny from Midland, a tarnished tea pot from Portland, Fancy Crystal from a collection guarded carefully by three generations of Schenectady high society ladies. That special amber bowl, impeccably designed and enhanced in interest by the ding on the pedestal foot. Creamy Milk Glass providing a gorgeous harbor for your precious blooms and herbs bouquet.

Have you ever ordered or received flowers for or from someone special, and wonder- where did this vase come from? How was it chosen especially for me? From a quick poll of friends I find that many of them had never thought once about the container, that is of course, until I asked. Then and only then did some of my comrades think, Hey! I like cool old vases…I love funky bowls with strange patterns! Flowers are nice to receive any time, but are in fact better and cooler in a cool container chosen with the recipient in mind. This is a scientific fact. (That may be a stretch, but nothing makes an opinion sound more legit!)

Peonies in White Ceramic- EcoChic FloralEcoChic Floral Driftwood Vase
Sympathy in Tarnished Silver
EcoChic RanuculusGentleman Jack Flowers
Funky Flower VasesTeal Orb Container
Salvaged ContainersFunky Wooden Vase

The next time you send flowers, or arrange them for yourself- consider having some fun with something Funky and Re-Imagined!

We wanna see what you come up with. Send Us pics via Facebook or Twitter, or post your photo along with your Comment.


Meet My Gardening Guru

If you’re lucky you meet people in this lifetime who inspire you to do great things. I have been so lucky, so many times that I thought I should share with you all one of my favorites. Her name is Renee Fuqua.

We met one Sunny Fall afternoon EcoChic Floral was hocking Fancy Pumpkins at the Green Ghoul Family Festival hosted by Be Groovy Be Green. This Eco-friendly festival hosted several local artisans and artists.

She walked up to my table and we struck up a conversation about the Fancy Pumpkins that led to a conversation about plants. She mentioned in passing that she had a great garden with a huge succulent and yard art collection that I should visit sometime. I gave her my card and we went about our lives.

EcoChic Floral Fancy Pumpkin



Two weeks later I got the phone call that was the beginning of  our Friendship and our Mentor/Mentee relationship. I was having a hard day, truthfully it had been a hard couple of weeks. Her calling and us chatting lifted my spirits right on time. As it turns out, Rene was having a tough go of it as well. Her best friend and business partner, Robert, was dying of Cancer. The agony of watching someone you love suffer was apparent in that conversation and the ones we continued to have until he passed. We befriended one another at a time where we could both use a tender hand and a laugh or two.

EcoChic Floral Natasha Madison Me and Renee Looking Up (640x427)
I visited her place for the first time a few days later. What I saw brought out love and light in my every cell! Located in the heart of Old South Austin nestled atop a hill that once overlooked the city sky line (Sadly it now has a grand view of a brand spanking new, shiny condominium complex) Renee’s place was a hidden paradise.

Renee EntranceYard and RR
There were repurposed…reimagined items as far as my eyes could see. I was like a child in a magical, secret garden of found things that had been made whole and beautiful again with Love and Plants! The yard art and reclaimed gems are called RR’s (for Renee and Robert). They are colanders, and old rusted heaters, bottles and bed pans and every thing in between. Every single piece is absolute perfection.

Succulent Planter 1RR PlanterSucculent Planter 2Shell Planter
Renee Yard ViewReimagined 1
Reimagined 2Concrete Jungle
RR CoverReimagined 3
GreenhouseWorms sign
Renee knows everything there is to know about Organic Gardening, Worms, Composting, Soil, Plants…you name it, she knows it. It’s a part of her. I’m still amazed when she spouts of botanical scientific classifications and names of plants as though plants are simply another language she speaks. Every visit I eagerly listen as she imparts wisdom and teaches me while we play in the dirt and worms together.

She teaches school classes of school children about plants and garden critters, composting, vermiculture and the importance of organic food.

Here’s a clip from the short film Rooted, by Ria Ditmer, featuring Renee. (She’s the one in pigtails talking to the kids)

She is nothing short of amazing and a true joy to know. I’m so very blessed that the Universe saw fit to bring us together. Lucky for you, she host a plant sale from her Magical Garden Kingdom on Sundays, go visit and see for yourself! Give us a call or email, I’ll send you her information. Be sure to let me know what you thought of the place!


EcoChic Floral Fashion Debut


We had the privilege and honor recently of being selected by the amazing Sherri Hill to do the floral styling for their Spring 2014 line. 

These gowns were all show stoppers, see more of their collections here It was awe inspiring to be surrounded by all that beauty and talent! The shots are by the world renowned, Fadil Berisha whose accomplishments are a mile long, including being the official photographer for The Miss Universe and Miss USA pageants as well as Rolex. See more of his work here

Here’s a sneak peak!

EcoChic Floral

EcoChic Hair Flowers